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There are many books about the Battle of Cable Street that have been written by participants, witnesses and scholars. Here is a selection:

Phil Piratin, Our Flag Stays Red, London: Thames, 1948battleEE_cover1

Joe Jacobs, Out of the Ghetto, London: J. Simon, 1978

Cable Street Group, Battle of Cable Street 1936, London: 1995

Henry Srebrnik, London Jews and British Communism 1935-45, London: Vallentine Mitchell, 1995

Thomas Linehan, East London for Mosley, London: Frank Cass, 1996

Remembering Cable Street (ed Tony Kushner & Nadia Valman): London 2000

David Rosenberg, Battle for the East End, Nottingham: Five Leaves, 2011

Other resources

There is an excellent film, From Cable Street to Brick Lane, made by Hazuan Hashim and Phil Maxwell in 2011.

David Rosenberg leads a guided walk of the Battle of Cable Street – including its back-story and aftermath, called Anti-Fascist Footprints.