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Cable Street 80 is an ad-hoc coalition of organisations that has come to mark the 80th anniversary of the day when tens of thousands of people across the East End, joined by others who came to support them, prevented Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists invading the Jewish areas of the East End. The day, which is recognised as a major turning point in the struggle against fascism in Britain in the 1930s, became known as the Battle of Cable Street.

Since the commemorative activities on the 50th anniversary of the Battle, in 1986, there have been events organised every five years. In the photo above, the late Bob Crow of the RMT is speaking at the 75th anniversary alongside Cable Street veteran, Max Levitas, and David Rosenberg of the Jewish Socialists’ Group.

The organisers of the 1986 events, the Cable Street Group, are part of the coalition of Jewish and Bengali organisations, trade unions, community groups, political organisations, and anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigns that make up Cable Street 80.

Supporting organisations to date include

Tower Hamlets Unite Community

East London Teachers Association (NUT)


UNISON Tower Hamlets






Bangladesh Youth Union

Bangladesh Communist Party – UK

Nari Diganta

Altab Ali Foundation

Nirmul Committee

Swadhinata Trust


Indian Workers Association – GB

East London Central Synagogue

Jewish Socialists’ Group

Jewish Labour Movement

Jewish Council for Racial Equality

London Jewish Forum

Cable Street Group


Unite Against Fascism

Hope Not Hate

United East End

Redbridge and Epping Forest Together

Tower Hamlets Labour Party

Communist Party of Britain

Young Communist League

Morning Star

International Brigades Memorial Trust

Marx Memorial Library